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06 December 2005 @ 01:10 am
I recently noticed that their were a few grammatical and possibly spelling errors in the last post. Unfortunately, I posted it around midnight on Tuesday morning, and right now it is 1:11 AM on Tuesday. I am too tired to go back and make corrections, so just know that it is not like me to make grammatical errors. Thank you.
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05 December 2005 @ 11:09 pm
Pop Quiz

Question 1: My state decides to legalize homosexual marriage. Hundreds of homosexuals show up at the state capital to support the decision and to recieve marriage licenses and I decide to protest. This makes me:
A. A Republican
B. Narrow-minded
C. A bigot
D. All of the above

Question 2: The Muslim insurgents in Iraq are:

A. Religious extremist fanatics
B. Evil
C. Our enemy
D. Freedom fighters

Question 3: I am forced to stop carrying a Bible or referring to Christmas instead of "the Holidays" in my place of work. This is an example of:

A. Bigotry
B. Hypocrisy
C. Violation of religious rights
D. Nothing, because it's against a Christian, and Christians, unlike other religious groups in this country, have no rights to protect their beliefs.

According the liberal left in this country the answers are D, D, and D. Now of course, don't take these questions literally. They are indeed hypothetical, but all too possible.

The Utah highway patrol has been sued by an organization known as the "American Atheists, Inc.": their continuing mission, to annihilate our faith, to seek out and decimate religious symbolism, to boldly go straight to hell.

Take A Look At This

I mean, aren't they ambitious. I mean, their in the home state of Mormontown, U.S.A. You think they'd start with the small beans. You know, a manger scene here, a couple of Commandments there. But their trying to stop the remembrance of fallen heroes. Ouch. The deceased officers' families are not reacting to kindly either.

I know this is a political soapbox, but to be honest, I can't separate my faith from my politics. What pisses me off is that everyone is out to minimize Christianity. Oh yeah, sometimes they go after Jewish people, but I mean, come on. Their like our cousins, so it doesn't really count. Go ahead and promote paganism, secularism (which is a religion by the way), Buddhism, any new age crock you want. Just don't say the J word, don't mention His birthday and we won't have a problem. If they were equal opportunity haters it would be a different story.

Celebrities Were Meant to Act, Not Think

Of course I jest. There are some very eloquent, and intelligent, celebrities out there. However, I would like to shoot whoever told the celebrities (and apparently only the liberal ones) that they were meant to be activists. Some of the most inane, insane comments about the war effort and Hurricane events have been uttered by celebrites who have less than no idea what they're talking about.

Well now, I'm just waiting for the current celibrity think tank to come out with some sort of song collaboration for Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Coming out to support Mr. Williams are celebrities like Jamie Fox, Ed Asner, and of course...The Rev-uh-Rund Jessssse Jackson. Tookie, as we affectionately refer to him, was convicted of murdering four people in 1979, which he still denies. It is also known that he started the L.A. Crips, which have been copied all over the country. In fact, many still suspect that he is in contact with his gang, directing them from behind bars, despite the fact that he has released multiple books, including one directed toward children, condemning gangs, and that he has denounced the lifestyle. Supporters say his books have changed "hundreds of thousands" of lives. That's interesting, considering that his book "Gangs and Violence", his top seller, by the way, has sold 330 copies. People must have been passing those things around.

Come on, people. Let's start giving educated people their jobs back and stop listening to people who are paid to act like they are intelligent.
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02 December 2005 @ 06:05 pm
Fair Is Fair

Apparently the U.S. military has been paying newspapers in Iraq to run favorable stories on the war and rebuilding effort.

Read It Here

Take a look at the schmuck in the glasses over at the article.

Does this bother anyone? Because, honestly, my first thought when I heard this was "Right on!" We are in the middle of a war. A real war where things are blown up, guns are fired and people die. Yes, that's right, people are dying. Those numbers you hear every day are not just some crazy numbers thought up by reporters. For all I care, if running those stories will keep one soldier from dying then, hey, sounds great.

That aside, isn't this exactly what the opposing force has been doing from day one? That's fair play as far as I'm concerned. This was my first, and still my strongest, reaction.

On the other hand, we have heard numerous times how our main goal is to construct a democracy. A fundamental part of a democracy is the existence of a free press. A press payed to publish propaganda is not free. True, they could have said no, but in a place like that, where freedom of the press and free speech are not even familiar, let alone cherished, as it is here, who would have?

I guess it all boils down to the fact that we are fighting and that during wartime our press has not always been free. You can't say anything you want during wartime and so free press is not exactly free. It seems that you have to make some compromises in order to win the psychological war.

Another Organization Bent On Destruction

PETA recently released a comic book entitled "Your Daddy Kills Animals!" with the intent of scaring kids into becoming vegetarians.

Read It Here

Apparently, PETA, along with the ACLU and Planned Parenthood has discovered that one of the most efficient ways to destroy America is to tear apart families. This is the first story in a while that has absolutely outraged me. The comic has a picture of a fisherman in an angler's hat and a suit gutting a fish.
The comic attempts to alienate children from their fathers by convincing them that daddy might murder their kitty or puppy because he is "hooked on killing". They've already published one that portrays mom as a chicken murderer.

I am not at all opposed to the vegetarian lifestyle. It's very healthy and probably cheaper than eating meat. However, PETA obviously values the lives of animals and particularly livestock over the psychological health of children and the lives of their families. Most children don't know what a caricature is. When someone tells them that their daddy is a killer, they believe it. How many children might become morbidly afraid of their fathers because they kill cute, innocent animals?

Technically trees are alive. I think I could put together a comic book of my own...yeah...

Anti-PETA Comic!

Now I just need to create an organization dedicated to consuming as much meat as humanly possible. P.E.T.P.A.C.O.A.! People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants and Consumption of Animals! We're like the Lorax...we speak for the trees!

We Speak For The Trees!

It's just insane. It really is. But, hopefully in a few years people like that won't be legally allowed to reproduce. Ahh...we can only hope.
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01 December 2005 @ 06:01 pm
Planned Parenthood Continues Its Crusade Against Parents' Rights

Alright, so I'm a Christian. Recently, someone I work with has been asking me whether I oppose abortion in all situations, and if I support the overturning of Roe v. Wade. At the time I said I didn't know. I do fear that if it is overturned that it will lead to the forming of illegal abortion clinics and dangerous, amateur abortions. However, as a Christian, I do believe that an unborn fetus exists in a living state, and I believe I have an obligation to protect that. So yes, I support the overturning of Roe v. Wade, along with stricter enforcement of the law in instances where abortion is not legal, as overturning Roe v. Wade will not make abortion totally illegal.

As far as whether I oppose it in all situations, he asked me if I would abort my child if he or she posed a threat to my wife's life. I said I didn't want to allow an abortion ever, but I can't say what I would do in an emotional situation like that. I told him that while I believe that abortion is murder always, and that murder is a sin, I could never blame a man who ended his child's life to save his wife. I just can't judge a man like that.

So, that being said, I am wondering what liberals with children think about the parental notification case in New Hampshire? I mean, I know most liberals support a woman's right to choose, but is a 13 year old girl a woman? Should a young teenage girl be able to have an abortion without notifying her parents? New Hampshire says no, and so do I.

Read The Whole Article Here!

Planned Parenthood is throwing a fit because of the lack of a medical emergency provision in the law, but can we just be honest? The only thing the Planned Parenthood people see is a gateway to even less restricting laws. And besides that, just what constitutes a medical emergency? I mean, I've had some pretty bad canker sores before and I'm sure if you had asked me, right after I bit my lip, whether I thought it was a medical emergency, I might've said yes. I'm sure PP would like to see some sort of ambiguous provision:

(Girl walks into Clinic)
Girl: I'm pregnant. I don't want it. I want an abortion.
PP: Can we call your parents?
Girl: I don't want them to find out.
PP: Okay, then. Go to the hospital and tell them you're sick to your stomach. Say that it's an emergency and you're sure your pregnancy is causing it. Then you can have an abortion!

I have to admit, it's hard to put myself into the shoes of someone who doesn't believe in unborn life. There are only two explanations: either these people just like seeing babies die, or in their minds it is honestly a thing and not a person, and neither way of thinking is acceptable.

I want to hear from some liberal parents about this. I know they are most likely pro-choice but do they think their daughter should, without exception, be obligated to tell them before undergoing an abortion?

Breaking Down Bigotry! Yeah, right...

We all know that the separate labeling of religious holidays has been challenged for years. In the late nineties they changed the name of the Capital Christmas Tree to the Capital Holiday Tree. Thank God, they recently changed it back. I mean, I have nothing against Chanukah, or Kwanzaa, or whatever holiday you happen to celebrate, but, come on, it is a Christmas tree! It's not a Chanukah tree, or a Kwanzaa tree, because the tree is a specific part of the Christian holiday called Christmas.

Someone called in to Hannity today and said she was offended that she could find no references specifically to Christmas anywhere in her local (Texas) Target or Wal-Mart, and that employees were not allowed to specifically reference the Christmas season. Now, first I have to say that if this woman is offended by that, than she should grant the right to Jews for not having specific references to Chanukah, or specific references to any other winter holiday for that matter.

However, I think that this is just getting insane. When we are too afraid to call strings of colored or white lights "Christmas lights", but will only call them something nebulous like "Holiday lights" for the fear that we will offend someone, then it's all gone too far. I don't know anyone who gets offended by a reference to Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, etc. If political correctness continues to corrode at our society we won't be able to separate any ideas. Everything will be just a lump of incongruent ideas.

Hannity assured the woman that he had contacted the highest authorities in each company and had found that neither held official policy banning references to Christmas. I'm sure he's right. Has anyone else heard anything about this or had any trouble at work or shopping because of this?
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01 December 2005 @ 05:08 pm
1. Why does being pro-life make me a chauvinist?

2. Why does opposing homosexual marriage, despite the fact that I have homosexual friends, make me a bigot?

3. Why does supporting traditional values make me old-fashioned?

4. Why does being a Conservative mean I have to be Republican, or a Hannity-ite?

5. Why does being a practicing Christian mean I'm narrow-minded?

This is for all of us tired of the left...the far left.
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